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Posted 2 Apr 2023 by Merowig
Yet another example of incompetence by the "staff" on this project. First it was no forums because "Discord is better" then it was ignoring the Discord, now it's finally doing forums and screwing them up with these "badges."

No reason to get upset and becoming insulting - it's out of our area of control and likely they have very limited resources.

"Everybody be cool"
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Colour strips Badges ?? (Message 19)
Posted 17 Mar 2023 by Merowig
The badges relate to specific batches that were run quite some time ago.
The first set of badges were the long stripes, later badges got shortened to squares, it was over a year ago that 'proper' badges were said to be in the pipeline but haven't appeared.
The project is mostly run by undergraduates, one leaves with the knowledge they learnt and a new one starts from scratch.

The batches I have badges for, in order from the top:

Have only seen gold and silver, no idea what the cutoff for qualification is.
No idea if they still have the data to create badges for the later batches, the first set of badges appeared some time after the work had been done, much like the GPUGrid "Contribution to scientific publications" badges.
I suspect the biggest problem is having an undergraduate who wants to get the badges done properly and learns how to do it.

Badges are great but should be implemented properly - the amount of badges you have breaks basically the forum due to the long stripes...
Trial and error I guess
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Colour strips Badges ?? (Message 16)
Posted 15 Mar 2023 by Merowig
So as a summary the badges are named as per individual work unit names which obviously had some sort of discovery of an equation. They come in the colors silver and golden (anyone got bronze?) and are of different lengths...
Anyone can add something to that?

I am wondering if can incorporate them
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Colour strips Badges ?? (Message 13)
Posted 2 Mar 2023 by Merowig
If you hover over the strip you see a "desription" / name - likely you discovered something. :)
So well done!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Discord vs. Forum (Message 12)
Posted 2 Mar 2023 by Merowig
Still anything is better than nothing. And for me it feels like they read the discord (occasionally at least).

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