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Posted 15 Mar 2023 by PDW
The badges relate to specific batches that were run quite some time ago.
The first set of badges were the long stripes, later badges got shortened to squares, it was over a year ago that 'proper' badges were said to be in the pipeline but haven't appeared.
The project is mostly run by undergraduates, one leaves with the knowledge they learnt and a new one starts from scratch.

The batches I have badges for, in order from the top:

Have only seen gold and silver, no idea what the cutoff for qualification is.
No idea if they still have the data to create badges for the later batches, the first set of badges appeared some time after the work had been done, much like the GPUGrid "Contribution to scientific publications" badges.
I suspect the biggest problem is having an undergraduate who wants to get the badges done properly and learns how to do it.

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